It’s always fun when inspiration strikes, and even more fun when you win a prize for it. I made the video below for a contest sponsored by the software company than makes one of the video applications I use to create animated whiteboard videos (in this case, an animated chalkboard video). The video won third place in the chalkboard video category. The competition was tough, so I’m proud to have placed. I also received an honorable mention for another video in the whiteboard category.

The rules were pretty straightforward. We could only use the software as designed, which meant no special effects from other video editing programs. The length had to be between two and five minutes, and the video could be on any topic. I chose heart health. It’s an important message, so take a look and love your heart!

Love Your Heart: An Animated Chalkboard Video on Heart Health


What is an Animated Chalkboard Video?

This chalkboard video falls under the categories of “explainer video” and “animated whiteboard videos.” Explainer videos are commonly used on websites and landing pages, explaining a key concept to visitors. Animated whiteboard videos, like the contest, can be about virtually any topic. In my case, I wanted to make a public service announcement video. The contest showcased all kinds of animated chalkboard and whiteboard videos including:

  • Holiday stories (there was a super cute one about halloween)
  • Business videos
  • Marketing videos
  • Event announcement videos
  • Artistic videos
  • Product demonstration videos

For a long time, I resisted making whiteboard-style videos, thinking they were a little on the cheesy side. After having used the software to create dozens of these videos, I’ve come to realize that it’s another great tool in my video creation toolbox. As far as cheesiness goes, it really depends on the scripts and graphics you use.

Whiteboard and chalkboard videos are a fun way to tell a story. People seem to enjoy watching them, too.

Ready to collaborate on an animated whiteboard video (or animated chalkboard video)? Let’s talk!