Real Estate Listing Videos – Should You Do It Yourself?

Social media and the ease of sharing real estate listing videos and photos have made it easier than ever for buyers to visualize themselves in a new home. However, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out in crowded news feeds and attention spans are shorter than ever. Video has an advantage in that motion immediately catches the eye, and the viewer doesn’t need to do anything other than watch. There’s no need to swipe or tap to see more images.

Should you do it yourself or hire a pro? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a quick look.

DIY Real Estate Listing Videos

You likely have a smartphone with a decent camera, making it relatively easy to snap a few photos and shoot some video when you’re onsite. Several inexpensive apps allow you to edit your video, add music or a voiceover, and more.

Advantages of doing it yourself include:

  • Cheap — You don’t have to pay anyone else to make your listing video.
  • Fast — You could shoot the video and have it online within minutes. You could even do it it live on Facebook or a similar service.
  • Authentic — There’s something to be said for the authenticity of a Realtor narrating a real estate listing video. Buyers can see and hear you, helping to form an emotional connection.

Disadvantages of DIY real estate listing videos:

  • Skill and tools needed — Video shooting and editing requires skill and tools. Even if you’re working with professional photos,  professional-level editing software has a pretty steep learning curve. You may find that you’ve outgrown your smartphone and cheap editing apps, which could send you shopping for gear, software, and special effects add-ons.
  • Time consuming — While it is possible to use Facebook Live or upload an unedited video, you’ll likely want to edit your videos — and that takes time, especially if you’re new to editing software. Adding effects and sourcing royalty free music also add time to your projects.
  • Restraint needed — It’s easy to overdo the special effects, which can quickly overwhelm viewers and detract from the property itself.
  • DIY videos could appear amateurish — You’re a professional, and your videos reflect on you. If your real estate listing videos look amateurish, buyers may question your abilities.
  • DIY real estate videos could backfire completely — Not to sound dramatic, but potential sellers may hesitate to list with a Realtor who shares clearly DIY listing videos. They’re wondering if you’ll invest in marketing their home or go with the cheapest option.

Done-for-You Real Estate Listing Videos from Scribbles and Doodles

Professional real estate listing videos showcase the property without detracting from it. Graphics and special effects take the video to the next level without overdoing it, giving the video a polished look and capturing attention. According to a recent article on Forbes, video is a cost-effective way to generate brand awareness and build trust.

Advantages of a professional done-for-you real estate listing video include:

  • No hassles — Simply send me the photos, property details, your logo and headshot, and I’ll get to work.
  • Branding and messaging — I’ll work with you to come up with a distinctive style for your videos and include consistent branding and messaging every time.
  • Prompt turnaround — I understand how important it is to start marketing a new listing right away and can provide you with a timely service.
  • Impressive — You’ll be proud to share your real estate listing videos with prospective buyers and sellers alike. For buyers, we want to entice them to come see the home. For potential sellers, we want to assure them that should they list their home with you, their home will be marketed with a beautiful, professional listing video.
  • Complete listing packages available — I offer complete packages which include a short “tearaway” listing video for quickly announcing a new listing, a more detailed listing video once the home has been staged and photographed, an open house video, and a “sold / testimonial” video once it’s sold.
  • Fast updates — I can also quickly update the main real estate listing video with a price reduction, in escrow, or other type of update if needed.

Disadvantages of getting a professional real estate listing video made for your clients:

  • It’s not free — Your clients expect you to invest in advertising their home. If they were looking for a DIY solution, they’d do it themselves. I can help you differentiate your listings and make you the hero in your clients’ and future clients’ eyes.
  • You’ll have less control than if you did it yourself — That said, I’m very approachable and open to any suggestions or special requests you may have. I want you to be as proud of the finished product as I am.
  • You don’t know me — Yet. Most of my clients have been with me for years, and most of them found me the same way you did. Feel free to look around my website, watch my bio video, and reach out to me. I’d love to schedule a quick phone call where we can get acquainted and answer any questions you might have.


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