What is a Video Infographic?

Video infographics are similar to regular infographics in that the present information such as facts and statistics, but in a video format.

Video infographics can include:

  • Animated elements such as pie and bar charts, gauges, percentage diagrams and more
  • Background videos or illustrations
  • Music
  • Voiceover

Watch the music education video to see an example of a finished video infographic.


Music Education Video

Uses for Video Infographics

Video infographics have many uses. They’re a great way to present the latest research and statistics about your industry and are ideal for demonstrating thought leadership. Below are a few ways to use infographics:

  • Industry snapshot video with animated facts and figures
  • State-of-the industry videos
  • Annual report videos
  • Investor pitch videos
  • Real estate neighborhood fact videos
  • Persuasive videos


Preparing to Create an Effective Video Infographic

Like most videos, infographic videos require some sort of a script. Consider the following:

  • Who will write the video script? I can do it for you or someone from your office is welcome to do so.
  • Will there be a voiceover?
  • Do you want music?
  • Which facts will you present?
  • What type of mood do you want to convey?

Tip: Don’t just reuse facts you found on someone else’s infographic. Go directly to credible sources of information and gather your own facts and statistics to highlight. Look for facts that support your story.

Length: While there’s no set time limit for video infographics, consider limiting your video length to around two to three minutes max.

Tip: After creating your video infographic, I can break out a few key points into smaller, mini-infographic videos as teasers to share on social media.

How it Works

Thinking about commissioning me to create a video infographic for you? The process involves:

  • Coming up with an aesthetic for the video
  • Finding facts to present
  • Writing the script if there will be a voiceover
  • Selecting background music

I will need your logo and any photos or existing video clips that you’d like me to include. I usually send a short clip that shows the proposed video style for your approval before creating the entire video. Depending on the scope of the project, most video infographics take about 5 to 7 business days to complete. These videos are labor intensive to create, so each is video is quoted based on its individual requirements.

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How many facts should be included?

It varies, but 5-6 facts per minute is doable. If a lot of text must accompany a given figure, then the animation will need to be extended to allow for a comfortable reading time.

Where do you come up with the facts?

I love research and will be happy to search for the latest industry news, surveys, and special reports as part of the scriptwriting process.

Can you include photos of my business in the finished video?

Yes, that’s a great idea. The more we can brand the video, the better.

How long will it take to produce the finished video?

Generally speaking, it should take about 5 to 7 business days once you engage me to do the job.

What format will the video be in?

By default, the video will be in 1080HD in .mp4 format. If you need a different format, please let me know.

What is your payment policy?

I require a 50 percent deposit to begin and then payment of the balance upon completion. You can pay immediately via PayPal or credit card or you can mail me a check.

How can I get started?

Contact me here and I’ll be in touch within the next business day.

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